Monday, August 16, 2010

Missing Info

Greetings All,

As it turns out I have finals coming up which require a certain amount of attention from my end.

Though my sole purpose for attempting finals is to give those Self Important PhD’s something to wince about.

PhDPictured: Self Important PhD

So I will not be updating many comics for my…let’s see now 1, 2 and…3 followers for this week and I might just take a “I’m on a post exam freedom high so screw you” break for the week after but then you guys will have your comics and I assure you, they will be funny. There will be laughing or so help me God there will be murder.

Also, I can’t decide on a font style for this site…any suggestions? Though I’ll just reject them all and go with something I myself pick out but I give you the reader (notice singular)the opportunity to feel like you contributed followed by the familiar feeling of being shot down. Just like real life.

dignity  That’s you

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