Thursday, February 17, 2011

The story of the Sun

Once upon a time there was the Sun, proud little thing that.

Used to shine really bright and was all in everyone's face about it on how it was so cool that people couldn't even get up if it weren't for him. The people appreciated this very much and some even started worshipping it.

This didn't sit well with God and he invented teenagers, he was all "You go ahead and be shiny, these critters won't even be awake long enough to take you seriously" and the Sun went "but I provide vitamins and allow for the secretion of melanin and whatnot, they need energy to function"and then God said "You'd think that...but no, they're teenagers, they can stay up 5 days in a row and will still have enough energy left over to go "NYAH NYAH" in your face before falling asleep only to wake up once you've gone. Take that stupid Sun.

The Sun was all pissed and soon children that was how global warming started...which was also put to shame with an impending ice age. The Sun sits quietly now, you don't mess with pros Sun.


I'm busy with work these days so you guys won't get much in the ways of comics, but soon enough I'll have a new domain up and running and it'll be cool, i'll have movie reviews (short short short ones) and all the ringtones I've used (and am using), sort of like a 90's website. Here's hoping I do it someday before I die, because I hear it's hard to post stuff when you're dead.

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