Saturday, November 20, 2010


Welcome to our humble website (we are humble like concrete is pliable) this grants us the confidence to lay down some rules for posting on the website and a brief description of why they’re there:
This is a place for comedy, someone is bound to get insulted but we prefer to keep our ears clean and our keyboards that much cleaner. So if anything we or someone else says gives you the inexplicable urge to pound your keyboard flat with your forehead please, go right ahead, just make sure you look up before you draw your last breath to make sure there are:
    • No Links to Adult sites/forums
    • No Sexual, Racial and Religious Slurs (so important, we’ll write it again in bold caps with and an underline)
    • NO SEXUAL, RACIAL AND RELIGIOUS SLURS (We will block you so hard even inanimate objects will judge you)
    • Avoid political debates unless the topic calls for it.
    • If you copy anything from us, the least you could do is link it back to us (while the most you could do is sign your living wills over in our names)
    • If you have any ideas, jokes or stories you’d like to share, we will give you full credit and can (if you wish) make a donation (whatever we can afford at the time) to charity in your name.


  1. Good Going, i see many new posts, hmmmm and its good u have defined rules and regulations to follow THE BLOG!

    Good changes to the blog Adi!

    BTW, have you ever tried to get ur toothpaste to curl up and look perfect on the toothbrush.. like it looks on the box or on ur blog's background...!!

    hehe just wondering...!! :P

    Keep the good work going...!!

  2. Thank you for your feedback precious patron without which we are unable to keep in touch with our Human side, it eludes us very easily.


All comments are important and respected. Flaming and Spamming however will result in insult comedy.