Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Home

Upon analysing the traffic, it turns out we forgot to announce that we've moved. We haven't stopped posting, it's just that we're now posting to another site. Our new home is now here. I know the hyperlink looks very cool but we've basically just eliminated the "blogspot" and the rest is pretty much the same.

So thanks for coming here, clicking, viewing, commenting and enjoying yourselves and I do hope to see you all there...I can't understand how we've averaged 5000 visitors...that's...astronomical...I mean we went from 20 to 5000, when you figure out how that happens, you let me know.

Alright then...oh and sorry for the ultra offensive last post, it had to be done.

Adi and Hamza (for legal purposes Hamza had nothing to do with this or the previous post so if someone decides to shoot or kill or maim, come at me bro).

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