Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Comic Today Just Text

I used to be good at this whole writing thing, used to get people’s attention like I was talking to them. Now that I think about it, I think I know where I lost the will to continue. That happens when you remove 220 megabytes of conversations from your inbox at some point in your life.

Robin Williams states that in order to be funny you need to show your weaknesses, mine is that I can no longer type bodies of text longer than 2 paragraphs. If it’s work I could probably push it up to 3 paragraphs.

So now that my vulnerability is exposed, I just drank what must have been a whole liter of mountain dew and that was (even I’ll admit) over-dewing it.

Anyway, we’re reviewing a few things about how things are going to be done around here and every revision wreaks havoc on our schedules.

For example, right now I wish to complete an article I’ve been working on for a month. I can’t right now since I’ve switched to Windows Live Writer. While we’re on that subject, all hail the Microsoft. This thing can’t import a draft if…I dunno, you think of some clever analogy and let me know, I’ll put that here.

Ahanyway, I thought it is high time the public got to know what’s been up. (my way of saying “you figure it out”) and on that note, I will see you all when I finally finish that little entry for what I feel will the first of many. Also, I’m thinking of getting started on writing a book (. So by the age of 45 I might actually have published something worth reading (or making a quick buck off of).

I leave you with a parting thought. Everyone has a story to tell, every story has a tragedy, the funnier the text the greater the tragedy. Thanks Pastry, you were a good friend for when you were, then…not so much. After that I too lost interest. I guess that worked out quite nicely in the end. Watching mythbusters lately? No? It’s fun. So’s top gear.

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  1. the darker side of things have their comedy alright


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