Monday, August 24, 2009

Something's funny, but not all the time

We, the owners of this blog would like to apologize for not having posted a new comic in the past few days. Although our laziness can be blamed, but as it turns out, that's not our only problem. So, while we're dealing with these things, here're some questions you might ask yourself:

1- Why would anyone buy the new Gameboy ripoff of a PSP?
2- Why does a single disappointment let a perfectly stable person turn into a mismanaged bail of hay?
3- Now this one's a ticker....2+2+5/3 x 32 = what? (No I'm not asking for the answer, I'm just going like stone cold)
and the all time famous.
4- Whaaaazzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????????

Note to User: The relevant part was just the first 2 lines, the rest is all filler

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